Preserving Your Natural Hair Colour of all Hair Types

In Writing (all kinds) on May 19, 2017 at 3:00 AM

Not only is this wonder vitamin good for preserving your natural hair colour, it is also good for your nails, teeth and skin. What is it?

It’s vitamin E.

Whether you take it as a liquid, whether you use it topically as an oil or take capsules of vitamin E or even make that added effort to eat and drink those grocery store products that contain a lot of vitamin E – you will be doing yourself good. This goes for both women and men.

Vitamin E can help to slow down the growth of grey hair, or also help to make your existing grey hair look healthier.

Vitamin E can help your skin look younger and healthier, plus your nails and teeth too. Fluoride that you get at the dentist and in toothpaste has a lot of vitamin E.

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