Locing and/or Dreading Your Hair

In Writing (all kinds) on May 17, 2017 at 3:00 AM

So many people have great stories to tell about their hair locing journey. Although I had a fantastic hair loctician Mariam Ibrahim help me start my locs and she had encouraged me to do so for four years before I made the final decision to loc, I will always be grateful for her time, her kindness and her tremendous skills.

If you live in a part of the world where it could be difficult for you to find a loctician, one way you can start your locs would be to do it on your own.

You do not need nor require beeswax, however if this is your choice to use this – it will help your hair to loc faster and that is true! I used beeswax to loc my hair in the late nineteen nineties and my hair loced instantaneously! Although beeswax can sometimes dull the look of your natural hair so you must keep re-applying. It is generally recommended for those people who have a Caucasian hair type that they do use beeswax to loc their hair because it is more difficult and takes longer in order to loc that hair type.

If you have hair that is more African such as mine, then you could either put your hair in two strand twists, or even three linked braids and just let nature do its thing. Be mindful of the hair washing schedule mentioned above and you should be able to see beautiful results in a matter of six months guaranteed after you start your locs. Once locs reach about the one or two year mark, they are in their teenage years and once they are three to four years old, they are more mature locks.

Some ways of maintaining your mature locks rather than getting sick of them and just cutting them off would be to choose some styles such as updos, etc. and visit a good loctician in order to get your hair styled so that you can have your hair off your face and do something different with your hair. This will help to not ever have an end for how long you will wear your locs.

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