Note About Locs and Dreads

In Writing (all kinds) on May 15, 2017 at 3:00 AM

What does fall down, can be re-attached my loced brothers and sisters. Since hair does shed,  it is only normal that your locs could break off – I would suggest that you simply re-attach it. I just tie it on right back into my hair since I do not really tend to tie anything else on since I have not had an alcoholic drink since 2004.

The other option is to sew the loc(s) back into your hair – which is absolutely fine. Of course you would want to use a thread that is similar to your natural hair colour unless you are trying to make a fashion statement – understood and supported on my part.

Bear in mind that even when you look on Google Images, the majority of first images that you see of dreadlocks are of White people with dreadlocks and I think they look equally as beautiful as the dreadlocks on Black people. Just like when a Black person, usually the women, has a straight relaxer style that looks really good and she has paid the money to have it done well – her hair can look just as good as any White folk out there.

All of you of any racial persuasion – continue to go on with your bad selves!

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