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Swimming is a great form of exercise, however unless you are swimming in a fresh water lake and/or the sea, if you are swimming in a chlorinated pool – you need to protect your hair or the chlorine will ruin it.

Neutrogena puts out a great Anti-Residue shampoo that will help to completely cleanse your hair after you have gone swimming. Prior to swimming, I would recommend that you use a very heavy leave-in conditioner of your choice in order to protect your hair and please do not forget to wash your hair as soon as you can in a comfortable environment after you have finished the joy of swimming. It is a wonderful activity to be involved in and just some precautions to keep your hair looking good will ensure that you do not need to stop this enjoyable activity because of what it is doing to your skin and hair.

A quick mention as well to ensure your skin does not start to flake from the effects of chlorine – ensure that you lubricate your skin with a choice skin cream after you have completed each session of your swimming. Chlorine can also be very tough on your skin, and also on your nails. It is not the water that is a problem – it is the chlorine. However, chlorine is necessary and mandatory to have for the public health element of public swimming pools.


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