In Writing (all kinds) on April 8, 2017 at 3:00 AM

I understand that some people just must use heat. After washing their hair, their hair needs to be dry fast and I understand that the fastest way to dry your hair is to use heat.

What I do is to let my hair air dry. I really find this to be the best thing to do.

Heat can be really, really damaging to every single type of hair. I do understand that if you just absolutely need to use your hair dryer – then, yes, please do continue to use it.

I have found that it is best that if you can resist heat, do so. Heat does come in handy if you have a heating cap and you can add a combination of the oils mentioned above for your hair type and go for a hot oil treatment with the heating cap in order to nourish your hair further. So, I am not completely against heat.

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