List of Natural Hair Oils Good for Black Folk and Anyone with Naturally Super Curly Hair and What The Oils Do

In Writing (all kinds) on April 6, 2017 at 3:00 AM

Almond oil: (basically the same as sweet almond oil), this oil is an essential component to have in your personal apothecary of oils in order to condition your hair.

Amla oil – this oil is what women of Indian descent use on their hair. If you have any Indian in your bloodstream, it is worth it to use this oil.

Argan oil – very good if your hair is a little off-black in colour and/or more brown.

Avocado oil

Bergamot oil – this will cut the scent of oils that a bit more strong in their smell. If you work in such places as a hospital and/or school, you will find this oil complimentary in order to minimize the smells of the combined oils if you choose to use them that way. As well, another tip is that you can apply the oils at night. My sister gave me that very good suggestion.

Castor oil – this is an essential oil! Please listen to what your mothers told you when you were growing up. This oil is good!

Juniper oil – this oil is excellent. It is very conditioning for daily massage oil which you should be doing with your scalp with all of these oils as well as focusing on the ends of your hair.

Lavender oil – not only does this oil have a calm and great scent. It is wonderful for your hair and its balance as well.

Macadamia Nut oil – this is great oil too! Of course, if you are allergic to any nuts and/or nut products, please avoid any oils that contain nuts.

Neem oil – this oil is fantastic! It is Indian oil. It is quite like Buckley’s cough syrup in the sense that it smells awful – but, it works! Again if you apply Bergamot oil to a combination of oils that contains neem and apply at night as my sister says it will reduce the scent of the oil.

Olive oil – this is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about this oil.

Nutmeg oil – again this is good oil, but it contains nuts.

Peppermint oil – this is one of the most important oils you can use! With this oil when you massage it in, you can just feel it stimulate your scalp and promoting hair growth.

Rose/Rosemary oils – not only does this oil smell great, it is good for your hair as well.

Silica oil – this oil is also very, very good, particularly if you have Eastern African heritage.

Tea Tree oil – great for the scalp. Good for massage!

Vanilla oil – this oil is great too!

Walnut oil – another great oil, however again if you are allergic to nuts then you should avoid it.

Note: There are a number of great oils in the Little India Village of Toronto, ON that is also open all-year round that sells a number of great oils that are also complimentary to dark hair types either straight and/or curly.

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