The Growth of Black Hair

In Writing (all kinds) on April 5, 2017 at 3:00 AM

Black folk, we know, we tend to be particularly susceptible to all of the media hype that surrounds the lies from the haircare industry that a product will make your hair grow. I tell you, I can tell you myself – I have heard it all!

When I was in high school I had a friend of mine who told me that dirt will make your hair grow. Just recently, within the past few years, I had a lover tell me to wash my hair once a month. Yes, he was well-meaning and I listened for a while until my hair felt so bloody nasty that I knew something wrong was going on.

I have had established hairdressers from actually very good salons in the city of Toronto tell me that Coca-Cola has potassium in it and will grow your hair. Fair enough – I do drink Cola because Coca-Cola is too expensive and Cola is basically the same thing so there could be something to that.

I have had wonderful Eritrean, Somali and Ethiopian women tell me that mayonnaise and eggs are good for your hair. This is true my Black folk! It is! I agree. I eat eggs minimum once a week and try to get a little bit of mayonnaise into my diet because I am not as flat stomached as I once was, so I I watch it a little bit with the mayo. If you are still young and mainstream beautiful – layer that mayo on my Black friends! Layer it on!

Speaking of which, hair grows its fastest when you are in your twenties. This is a fact. Do take advantage of that.

Another thing for Black folk that also all folk can learn from in fact is how men treat their hair. Men basically do very little with their hair. They cut it; some do not even do that. Women and transgendered people can learn A LOT from men in this regard. Do nothing with your hair, but when it comes to Black hair – condition, condition, condition my friends – natural oils will do that.          Do remember to always wash out any conditioner that has instructions that you should wash it out. It can damage your hair if you do not do this. Leave-in conditioners applied first and then applying your hair oil combination should help tremendously, particularly in cold weather seasons or constant cold climates. They also help in warmer climates as well where the heat from the sun will naturally give a hot oil treatment to your hair and your ends and many oils are also good at protecting the colour of your hair against the more fading effects of sunlight.


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