Ain’t Nothing Uglier Than Gossip and Backbiting

In Writing (all kinds) on February 21, 2017 at 4:13 PM

By Saad Zafar

I have discovered a new distaste for gossip and backbiting. Actually, it’s not so much a “new” distaste rather than a rediscovered distaste for it whilst accompanied with the realization that I have — for so long — unwittingly engaged in such a distasteful practice all the while assuming that my partaking in it is merely harmless fun and not hurtful in the slightest.

It is only when one learns that one has become the subject of gossip and backbiting that one realizes how wrong it is and how there is no such thing as “harmless backbiting.”

The root of it all seems to be the misguided notion that kicking people when they are down elevates you. But rather, the opposite is true.

Backbiting does not elevate you. It destroys you from within and robs you of your innate goodness and decency when you engage in it.

If there’s any good that has come from my realization, it is the firm resolve never to do it again in spite of how “harmless” or trivial it may seem.

After all, being the subject of gossip is not something we can truly empathize with, I feel, until we experience it ourselves.

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