Beautiful People Revisted – When to Wash Your Hair :-) LOL, but it’s true! Funny, but true.

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 When should I shampoo my hair? How often should I shampoo my hair? Should I use heat on my hair? Do I need to go to the hairdresser each time I need to get my hair washed?

Note: When I am referring to actual washing – I mean with shampoo.

The answers to these questions are really up to you. I cannot really tell you what to do. A very wise woman who is probably the best loctician in this city, Mariam Ibrahim who also has a book that will give you more knowledge regarding this introductory article, the book being called Steppin’ Out, told me “just wash your hair when it feels dirty.” You see I had asked her all of those above questions and she is right. Everyone does or does not exercise at different levels, everyone does different works and/or works differently even if they are in the same office or wherever is their work location, everyone has different lives to keep all of this simple. It is good to wash your hair everyday if you can. If you have dreadlocks and want your hair to dread quickly, actually the more you wash your hair the faster your hair will dread into mature locs. Also you could try washing your hair every day and if it is not having a damaging effect on your hair but is actually helping your hair, then you know this is the best thing for your hair. Since it seems to make sense for most people, particularly when the weather is hot to wash your skin and your body and brush your teeth every day, it would make sense that as part of your personal hygiene routine that you also wash your hair. The more you get used to it even if you have natural Black hair, you will find it much easier to do. What many people also do and I have also tried this as well is to simply rinse your hair out with water, add condition in order to protect the hair and then go through your usual routine of leave-in conditioner, creams and/or oils if this is part of your grooming ritual. You know your hair best. There is something to be said for hair types. If your hair is drier than it may be a good idea to actually wash your hair with shampoo less. I highly recommend Dr. Bronner’s products since these shampoos do not contain foaming agents which will dry out your hair. As well, if your hair is oiler, then you would definitely need to wash your hair more. On the other hand, I have known people with naturally quite oily hair that barely ever wash their hair because they find letting the natural oils nurture their hair is good for their hair and they have long, long beautiful hair to attest to this.

The answer is: “it’s up to YOU.” Also, the answer is, “wash it when it feels dirty.”

What some people do particularly if their hair is very thick is to section the hair with twists and/or braids in order to wash the hair this way. I used to do this in my twenties. Now since my hair is loced I do not really need to do that, however it can be helpful regardless of your hair type.

However, for those who are open to these concepts of the metaphysical sciences, I am about to introduce a concept that is based on numerology that will address your own individual needs in a step-by-step process in order to understand how to deal with your hair at any age:

  1. Know your life path number. You can get free information regarding this information at the following website: This latter website and numerologist involved Hans Decoz truly is one of the best. He has been studying the art his entire life and he really does know what he is talking about. Born in Holland, there could be some cultural differences in the interpretations, however he is knowledgeable.
  2. Once you know your life path number and if you do want to keep your hair for life – this is the following calculation based on time that I would suggest to you that comes from this book: It is very good for discussing the timeliness of numerology which is also something good to know that Vedic Astrologists who mainly come from India know as well.
  3. Life path number and hair washing:

-one: wash it yearly for real with soap

-two: you should sprinkle water on your hair to hydrate it on an hourly basis rather engaging in dangerous activities such as smoking cigarettes as just one example – the actual washing should be daily

-three: wash your hair on a monthly basis and/or a little less than a month

-four: you should wash your hair every six months and/or less depending on the above variables that I described above which is in accordance with your lifestyle

-five: you should sprinkle water on your hair on an hourly basis in order to hydrate it and then wash daily

-six: this one is easier to configure – wash on a bi-weekly basis

-seven: wash every week

-eight: is similar to one mentioned above

-nine: wash monthly

  1. Thank you to Patricia Jarmillo, my neighbor and friend for inspiring this article. I could not have finished this without her.
  1. Thank you the Power and the Glory for liking this post. This small insert has come from decades (no exaggeration) of research and experience. I am contemplating slowly about writing a more detailed book concerning this subject, however without government funding because I have proven myself as a self-published author with the help of a combined traditionally published and self-published book called How To Talk To Crazy People that shares my experience with my psychic development.

    Have a good day.

  2. This is wonderful dear friend! Thank you. Our children need a unified world. Let’s start thinking about the numbers now – not about color :-). I think everyone can understand that.

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