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Suggestions for Ethnic Newspapers – Selections from Upcoming book Stories in Red and Yellow

Ethnic Newspapers Can Help You to Discover Many Things - Photo Courtesy of Stockexpert

Ethnic Newspapers Can Help You to Discover Many Things – Photo Courtesy of Stockexpert

Suggested Publications

*Aboriginal Voices
$45/2 years
-geared towards examining Native North American culture

*Atin Ito
-Filipino publication has one of the highest circulations

*First Perspective
$24.95 – $26.70
-a national newspaper highligting a variety of events concerning Aboriginal
-also notes political events and issues

*India Journal
-a magazine that goes throughout North America highlighting issues important
to Indian people
-does contain local and national stories

*Indo-Caribbean World
-this weekly newspaper takes a local perspective on the community of South
Asian people who come from the Caribbean

*Metro Toronto Blue Book
$106.95 for 2 copies
-a list of Metro’s organizations and services, constant changes in
organizations will make having an update book useful for journalists

*Ming Pao
Daily News $88/3 months
-a daily Chinese newspaper in Chinese, written language is the same for both
Mandarin and Cantonese
-Ming Pao has the highest circulation in Toronto

*Native Canadian Magazine
$20/yr. (6 issues)
-this magazine runs out of the Native Canadian Centre in Toronto, it contains
national news, as well as local news
-it’s a good source of events
? may go out of business

The New Canadian
-this is a Japanese weekly newspaper in Japanese and English

(MM) Ontario Aboriginal Directory – Arrowfax
$10 per copy
-a list of all the Aboriginal organizations in Ontario, including
reserves and band councils

*Pride Magazine
-this paper is focused on the African-Canadian community as well, but it
appeals to a younger group of people than Share does

*Share Newspaper
-the largest circulation ethnic magazine in Canada, the paper highlights the
African-Canadian community in Toronto

*Sing Tao
$182 + tax/yr.
-daily Chinese paper, has the second largest circulation which it shares with
the World Journal

*World Journal
-daily newpaper in Chinese

These are selections from the upcoming book – Stories in Red and Yellow by Donna Kakonge that can be bought at:


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