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Hyacinth Harewood's Poem Illustrates the Struggles of Life - Photo Courtesy of

Hyacinth Harewood’s Poem Asks So Is This It? – Photo Courtesy of

By Hyacinth Harewood

I’m a parasite on an interminable past that will outlast my gourmet greed,
I’m Tantalus in consummation, never stopping eating – under the curse of my past.
Yesterday’s spices drive me to wishing wells of the future that never fulfill water,
Not a drip from the cup to the caking lip.

Come tomorrow ….
Tomorrow never comes,
Intercepted by an interfering today.

I pick the crumbs from the strands of the beard of time,
Pulling failfully at roots I’ll never see;
I raise my look at right angles to the forward focus,
Just a blunt cog in the busy clockwork of time.

(c) 2009 Hyacinth Harewood

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