Daily Archives: January 6, 2017

The Job Interview

By Saad Zafar

The other day, I went for a job interview. I arrived early so was told to wait. So I’m sitting there waiting. Just looking around, observing the people coming and going. There were a couple of other people waiting as well. And what I noticed was that people don’t wait like I do.

And what I mean by that is when people wait these days (for anything really), they reach into their pockets and take out their mobile devices. And then they proceed to just flick through them (probably doing nothing in particular). Now, I don’t do that. Anymore. There was a time that I used to do that.

Whenever I had nothing to do, I would just take my cellphone and just scroll through my newsfeed on social media. And when I was done doing that, I would do it again. And I ultimately came to the realization that it’s really an addiction. Continue reading

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Picture of the Day


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