The Time Is Right to Winterize your Home

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he Time Is Right to Winterize your Home
Bridge the gap between changing seasons with sealants and caulks

TORONTO, Aug. 11, 2015 – When preparing your home for the cold months ahead, don’t let anything fall through the cracks – literally. Caulking doors and windows to fill unwanted air and water gaps is key to keeping the indoors warm in winter, according to TOP GUN® Sealants and Caulks, a top-performing line of products launching in the Canadian market.

Already a best-seller in the U.S., Top Gun Sealants and Caulks are now available exclusively at DULUX® and BÉTONEL® stores across Canada and are geared toward both professionals and do-it-yourselfers (DIY-ers) alike.

“The ideal time to caulk is well before the winter arrives,” said Mark Hembree, senior brand manager – Top Gun, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “Properly sealing the seams of doors and windows is an excellent, low-cost way to stop air and moisture penetration and make sure the heated air stays in the living space to keep everyone more comfortable.”

In addition, a properly sealed home will reduce energy costs by allowing the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system to function more efficiently, Hembree said. “An added bonus is that it will also keep rooms cooler in summer, because caulking prevents cool air from escaping through cracks.”

With the launch of Top Gun Sealants and Caulks, Hembree said that Canadians need not be afraid to undertake a caulking project themselves. Containing PPG’s highest quality sealant and caulk formulas for adhesion, elasticity and durability, Top Gun products are “all about making the experience easier for users, while ensuring top-notch end results on any project – from filling gaps in windows, doors, walls and trim, to tubs, sinks and tiles, to siding, masonry, brick, concrete, wood and metal,” Hembree said.

All Top Gun products are made using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in sealants and caulks that are ultra-smooth and silky, as well as simple to apply, he said. “In third-party tests, Top Gun products were shown to shrink less and have greater elasticity, faster drying time, and longer shelf life (24 months versus 12 months in some cases) compared to competing brands, in addition to being backed by a satisfaction guarantee,” he explained.

Hembree offered these five tips to ensure a top-quality caulking job every time:

Product selection is key: The type of caulk used can make or break a job, so it’s wise to invest in a high-quality product to ensure long-lasting results. With caulks and sealants available for every type of application, make sure you select the best product for your project. Be sure to read instructions carefully before using any product, noting in particular optimal weather conditions for use.

Take time to clean: Avoid caulking failure by removing dirt and dust from the joints to be filled before beginning a job. Debris often results from sanding the surface and must be cleaned thoroughly to enable the caulk to adhere to the joints.

Quantity matters: Be careful not to cut the caulking tube’s nozzle tip too small, as this causes less sealant to go into the joint and can result in cracking once it dries. Make sure the joint you’re filling is at least 3 millimetres wide, as a joint smaller than that can cause the caulk to work improperly. Similarly, whether using your finger or a hand tool, don’t rub off too much of the caulk after applying it, as you need enough sealant to bond the joints.

Work with it: When using a chiseling tool to get caulk to settle into the gap you’re filling, make sure to do so immediately when the caulk is wet to avoid causing it to ball up as it dries. This means dispensing only as much caulk as you can work with at one time before it dries to the touch.

Paint at the right time: Most caulking products require one to six hours to dry. It’s important to wait the required time before painting to avoid cracking the surface. For those who are less patient, Top Gun 250 sealant enables users to spray paint a job immediately and brush paint in only 30 minutes after applying.

Top Gun products range in price from $2.19 to $7.99. To complete the job, Dulux Paint and Bétonel Paint stores also offer a complete line of caulking guns and hand tools. More information can be found at

The Top Gun brand is a line of PPG Architectural Coatings, a business of PPG Industries, the world’s leading coatings company.

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About PPG Architectural Coatings
PPG Architectural Coatings, U.S. and Canada, is an industry leader in residential and commercial coatings, delivering the latest technologies and operational advancements through its strong portfolio of brands. It is a business of PPG Industries, the world’s leading coatings company, and manufactures and sells interior and exterior paints, stains, caulks, repair products, adhesives and sealants for homeowners and professionals. Its distribution network includes more than 15,000 touchpoints through company-owned stores, independent dealer locations and all major home improvement centers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit

PPG Industries’ vision is to be the world’s leading coatings company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surroundings. Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG provides added value to customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in more ways than does any other company. Founded in 1883, PPG has global headquarters in Pittsburgh and operates in more than 70 countries around the world. Reported net sales in 2014 were $15.4 billion. PPG shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol:PPG). For more information, visit and follow @PPGIndustries on Twitter.

Top Gun is a registered trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.
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