Corporation Gives Computers to School

A leading global talent development corporation will be providing computers and computer aided education to more than 2,005 schools in Andra Pradesh in India. The value of this funding is Rs 1728 million.

The corporation, NIIT, will help over 4.2 million children in 2,005 schools in the state of Andhra Pradesh during a five year period. This announcement comes after Maharashtra and Bihar State governments requested that NIIT provide computers and computer aided education to their 900 schools in the next five years.

NIIT is a leader in providing computer education to the state of Andhra Pradesh since 2002. The project will strengthen NIIT’s role in School Learning Solutions space. It plays a major role in providing the essentials for computer based education projects in India.

The program consists of setting up hardware, software, connecting accessories for computer systems, computer education and certified instructors for classes of six in government high schools.

The training is designed to help students in the higher studies, as well as to improve their chances in the job market. The computer training will affect academic subjects such as math, science, English and social studies. Special tools to stimulate critical thinking and analytical thinking skills will lead to improved learning by the students.


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