Garbage Strike

Nick Goodwin Comments on Toronto's Garbage Strike - Photo Courtesy of
Nick Goodwin Comments on Toronto's Garbage Strike - Photo Courtesy of

By Nick Goodwin

Okay, so Toronto’s morale doesn’t seem to be out of whack at all. Maybe a little unfocused but somehow people are remaining happy even with the increasingly gross trails of garbage leading from overflowing containments. Are we to improvise and use our creative minds to construct this trash into something we can all gawk at? We need to come up with something.

Garbage, to begin with, is basically a word that defines everything that we are too lazy to break down into a reasonable category. Sure, we claim to be environmentalists because we can fold an empty cereal box and put it two feet to the left of the trash bin. We are environmentalists when we begin to understand what the earth is able to biodegrade and use it in our own personal lives. When
we begin to independently research the quality of certain plastics. When we are considering to reuse our recyclables in our vegetable gardens to contain the soils and shapes as a gesture that we aren’t completely reliant on corporate America to build our plasticine castles for us. This would be a start.

I don’t like the fact that I walk around the city all day and see garbage pouring out of reasonably sized vessels. I feel very embarassed trying to shove my banana peel into an already flooded container while children walk by gawking at me like I’m the root of all evil.

Something must be done!


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