My Brother

Nick Goodwin Pays Tribute to His Brother - Photo Courtesy of
Nick Goodwin Pays Tribute to His Brother - Photo Courtesy of

By Nick Goodwin

I don’t see as much of my brother as I would like to, however, we got together for my aunt’s wedding and Father’s Day the day after. He’s busy working all summer. It has been weird being away from home. It has been especially weird since when I do visit home I notice the changes. My brother going away to school and then away working hard. My younger brother, I had considered the day we would both leave home but I was never ready for it.

Moving forward is hard to do. My weakness is my attachment to my past. Sentimental memories and experiences. Things that, at the time, I couldn’t really hold an appreciation for. When I look back at them they are golden.

I am really happy for my brother. I am really proud of many of his life choices. I admire him. I admire his choice to explore the benefits of a post-secondary education. I admire his work ethic, no matter how picky he is at the dinner table, or how lazy he can seem at times. I admire his creativity and sense of humour. I admire his exploration of the guitar. I cherish our similar interests. No matter how similar people may say that we are, we are completely different. Our interests do cross at some point like a strain of DNA. We both love skateboarding, drawing, LEGO, hockey, music, and many other cool little things. Without our similar interests we might not have put our differences aside so unconsciously.

My brother is going to have an amazing summer. His job is to teach kids how to build stuff out of LEGO. I have to say that I am a bit jealous. I will be putting in a conscious effort to make a guest appearance at his work for a least for a day. Either way, our childhood endeavours have managed to pay off in the long haul.


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