Storytellers Rule The World!

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How to gain valuable corporate advantage through storytelling.

Sandra Whiting is an unconventional speaker who delivers her message through the power of storytelling, lived experience and practical examples to move people and teams to a YES WE CAN Attitude!

Sandra embodies excellence, vision  dynamism, eloquence and charisma. She believes “those who tell the stories rule the world.”

Invite Sandra to show you how storytelling is a corporate advantage.

Storytellers Rule The World!
Storytelling, the new corporate advantage. 

IDEAL FOR: Corporate, and Non-profit Groups.

A charismatic storyteller, Sandra has told her tales on radio and television, spoken to people in corporate boardrooms, churches, libraries, at festivals, prisons and more.  She is an inspirational speaker storyteller & event host.

She has performed at schools to thousands of children both in Canada and internationally. Her involvement in many various community activities and associations is a testament to her boundless energy and commitment to helping others.

 “She has long been known as a speaker and storyteller and truly demonstrates the power of story to engage and connect with her audiences. Sandra is a delight as she weaves stories of her life and experience into a tapestry that both uplifts and inspires upon recall. Her seemingly effortless ability to understand her audience and forge a genuine connection.”

                                                                                     -David Seemungal

7 Tips for Storytelling That Dazzles Audiences

After finally asking the young lady for a date, the nervous young man asked his father how to avoid moments of awkward silence.

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