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Nick Goodwin Enjoys Cottage Life - Photo:

Nick Goodwin Enjoys Cottage Life - Photo:

By Nick Goodwin

Fishing is definitely one of my favourite things. I always look forward to the summer because I figure there is a good chance that I will find myself out in the wilderness at least once or twice. I love camping and also visiting cottages.

If I go camping with my family it is always a great time. We try to spend time together and play cards, sit by the fire and go for walks, maybe play catch or badminton. We usually have a few laughs and hang out like friends. When I was younger I definitely took advantage of hanging out with my family. Of course, as people get older relationships develop and form new dynamics.

I have loved fishing ever since the first time my Dad taught me how. It is not so much the thrill of the catch as it is the peace of mind. I don’t ever mind if nothing bites. I just love being near the lake and taking in the peace and quiet. Never mind the mosquito bites and sunburns.
When I am fishing I am in my element.

That’s one of the reasons I love skateboarding. When I have my music playing and I’m cruising I am definitely in my element. I live for the peace of mind and the comfort of joy.

I can recognize this focus in others. My mom reads her book with a side of cottage cheese and she is in her element. My dad hangs out in the backyard and he is in his element. My brother plays his guitar and he is in his element.

The point is, if you find yourself going back to an activity for the peace of mind and clarity then you have found your element. Cherish this privilege.

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