The Remix Project Has Changed Nick Goodwin's Life
The Remix Project Has Changed Nick Goodwin's Life

By Nick Goodwin

So far, I have withheld the fact that I am an artist. I draw, paint, write, make music and play sports. My biggest exercise lately has been both graphic design and skateboarding.

The story goes like this. I was told about “The Remix Project” by a friend of mine. He told me he saw a little something about this organization on television. He thought it seemed right down my alley.

Now that I am three months deep into the program, I cannot thank him enough. The Remix Project has changed my life. They have given me the opportunity to excel and become a graphic designer.

Since I ran through this open door I have broadened my own personal horizon. I have never really had the desire to attend postsecondary school. This new direction is a definite blessing of opportunity.

The Remix Project is a program designed to incubate the ambitions of youth from all over the city of Toronto. I am in the creative arts program. I learn from the mentors that surround me there, as well as I am given the freedom to learn on my own.

I do my own networking and chase my own dreams. I search for work independently. If I don’t push myself to succeed, no one is going to hand me the prize. This lifestyle works for me. When I have a person urging me to work at a pace separate from my own I often feel discouraged. I guess I am motivated by the consciousness of freedom.

Monday to Friday I skateboard to Remix.


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