Making Decisions

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Nick Goodwin Enjoys His Skateboard

Nick Goodwin Enjoys His Skateboard

by Nicholas Goodwin

I hardly make a decision without thorough consideration. The closest I ever get to stopping time is when I spend the afternoon balancing the pros and cons of my latest dilemma.

I do not live by the saying “look before you leap” to the fullest. I do appreciate living in the moment. I enjoy skateboarding through the heart of the city, or, anywhere for that matter.

Like anything, I try to achieve some sort of balance. Sometimes people say “everything in moderation, including moderation”. If this is the case, then I suppose I’m doing okay.

I eat, on average, 30 small packages of porridge a week. I eat a couple pieces of fruit a week, as well as, one or two cans of tomato sauce (on pasta). My roommates and I looked it up and everything’s okay. We discovered that the only way to overdose on porridge is by injection.

I have had some close calls on my skateboard. I’m getting used to the bumps and scrapes. I have got in the habit of not zooming across roads from sidewalk-to-sidewalk. Most of the time I pick up my board and walk Sometimes, when I move through crowds of people I take it real slow and maneuver my way through on my board. I do this when the sidewalk is smooth and especially when the crowd isn’t compiled of senior citizens and small children.

The day-to-day tasks don’t really freeze my thought process. The bigger things do. My current dilemma is coming to a resolve and I think that writing this piece has helped me by taking my mind off of it for a moment.

Sometimes when you paint a picture (even in your mind) it can be helpful to step away from it for a moment. Return with a fresh perspective and the answer may jump out at you.

  1. Very interesting !

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