Getting Old and Fat

I remember the days when I was young and skinny – they really were not all that long ago. Those days are gone now and it is probably a good thing that I am afraid of knives that keeps me from doing cosmetic surgery.

In general I am happy with the way I look. It is an au naturel look that I strive for, an Earth Goddess kind of thing. At least I tell myself this and it helps me sleep at night so I do not miss being the “hottie” I once was.

There is an expression that “beauty is wasted on the young.” I would say this is absolutely true. All of the beauty I had when I was younger would come in more handy now and be a lot more useful. On the other hand though, I have things like wisdom at my age that I did not have in my teens and in my 20s that is hard to get from a knife.

I do understand why some older people would choose to get plastic surgery to have a look that they feel will give them the competitive edge in the career market. Some occupations really require a certain look. I am glad I am a writer and do not need to worry as much about my appearance. I need to worry more about grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Would I go under the knife? I do not think so. At the end of the day I am just happy that I breathe in and out and I am in a relatively healthy state. I could use some more exercise though and perhaps more soya milk.


One Comment on “Getting Old and Fat

  1. You beautiful person, you. I think you will be radiant and lovely all your life. My eyelids are getting droopier at the sides, and if it affects my sight, I will for sure consider ‘the knife’. The rest of my droops are here to stay. (If I stand on my head all the time, will that help?)

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