When the Tax Man Comes

In Opinion, Writing (all kinds) on September 27, 2016 at 3:00 AM

This is a story of someone I know very well. This person received funds from the Ontario government while she was going through a difficult time in her life. She had lost her job and her health was not good at that time, so she turned to the government for help.

Throughout the time she was receiving government assistance, she was still working and claiming every cent she made to the government – including cash. She filed all of her tax returns over the two year period and was as honest as the day is long with that too.

With hard work and new opportunities that came up, plus an improvement in her overall health, this person ended up getting off the government assistance funding.  She started her own business while she was on the government program (without the help of the program) and managed to make more money than she had before she had gotten into a bit of a mess.

Happy story? Well, mainly. Do not get me wrong, Canada is a great place and it is good that they have these kinds of government programs to assist people – however, now the same government ministry that had helped this person out during her tough time is now claiming that she owes thousands of dollars in overpayment. She knows it is not true because since she was claiming her working income while on the government assistance – there were some months there, many months, where she did not even receive it.

The government office in question is the Ministry of Social Services and they are notorious for how badly they keep their paperwork. The person was planning to fight the charge of overpayment, however knows it would be difficult and now the situation is being sent to the Canada Revenue Agency to claim the funds from any tax refund owing to her. The government knows they can put average citizens such as her into this position because she probably does not have enough to pay a fancy lawyer to defend her. She is smart enough to defend herself, however it is finding the time to fight – when the priority in this recession is to find the time to earn.

I write this because our government has to stop picking on the average citizen to fill their pockets. This is a woman who is born and raised in Canada – regardless – she deserves to be treated as the good citizen she is. She gives back to her community and helps out where she can. Plus, she has a strong, thriving business that garners her a upper middle-class income. She would not mind paying for something that is accurate, however to be throwing away money to the government when they have made errors in their paperwork seems ridiculous and unjust.

If you have a similar situation…please do respond. Your comments will be reviewed, however as long as their are thoughtful, they will be posted.

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