Wash and Wear for Walls

What Cil Smart Paint Can Do For You
What Cil Smart Paint Can Do For You

By Gail Bergman and Indira Tarachandra

CIL Introduces New Generation of “Smart” Paints
to Help Make Paint Jobs Foolproof, Longer Lasting

Toronto, Ontario – June 10, 2009 – In today’s time-crunched world, everyone is looking for solutions to make life easier. Now, with the launch of CIL’s new generation of wash-and-wear coatings, Canadians can add paint to their list of items that help save time without compromising on quality.

Called CIL Smart³ Interior Wash & Wear, the new line is being billed as the “next generation of paint and coatings” by offering innovative technologies that save time through little or no preparation, effortless cleaning and long-lasting, high-quality results. CIL Smart³ is convenient to use and cost-effective – combining a built-in primer and one-coat coverage paint in a single can – and enables walls to be washed and scrubbed without getting marked or scuffed, even on low-sheen, trendy finishes.

Who Knew You Can Get Smart in a Can?
Who Knew You Can Get Smart in a Can?

“CIL’s new “Smart” formulas ensure that applying paint is foolproof and maintenance is effortless, reflecting the brand’s ‘wash and wear’ title,” says Shaun Noble, Marketing Manager for CIL Paints. “Both in low and high-traffic areas, one coat is all that’s needed to create super-durable, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean walls. Traditionally, only higher gloss paints were scrubbable, but with CIL’s new formulas, even ultra flat paint can be washed clean.”

Developed using Ceramic Microsphere and StainBlock technologies, the 100 per cent acrylic Smart³ Interior Wash & Wear line creates a guard that resists chipping, scuffing and marking, provides surfaces with superior adhesion, hide and coverage, and enables dirt and stain to be easily removed. Fade resistant and virtually odourless, the paint is long-lasting and withstands years of wear and tear to save users both time and money, Noble explains.

Offered in all of CIL’s colours, the Smart³ Interior Wash & Wear collection is available in a variety of finishes – from ultra-matte to semi-gloss. The line also includes specially-formulated applications for such areas as kitchens and baths – resistant to moisture, mildew and household chemicals – as well as trim and doors, which creates an exceptionally tough, ultra-smooth finish that leaves no brush or roller marks and provides maximum durability. For the home’s exterior, CIL’s Smart collection includes “triple weather protection” technologies that provide the best defense against all Canadian climate conditions, and is available in flat, satin and semi-gloss finishes.

“Painting is the most economical form of decorating, and CIL’s new Smart formulas make it that much more efficient by minimizing the time and energy involved and making the process faster, simpler and longer-lasting,” Noble says.

CIL Smart³ Interior Wash & Wear paint retails for $33-$45 per gallon. For more information or to find a CIL retailer near you, visit http://www.cil.ca or call 1-800-387-3767.


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