New Opportunities Learning Centre Q & A

In Education, Writing (all kinds) on September 19, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Why do you think it is important for women to work together?

Women bring different approaches and perspectives to issues and tasks at the workplace. These have not for the most part been given much opportunity for practical application and recognition in today’s male dominated workplaces. There are still negative and trite stereotypes about the way women work together. More women working together with their successes to show can hopefully help eradicate these stereotypes.

How is working with women different from working with men?

It is hard not to fall into the same problem of stereotyping, so I only speak from my own experiences.

Most of the women I have worked with have been motivated by the challenges of and passion for the work itself rather than by the desire for personal recognition or competitiveness.

Women, with often a different type of upbringing, stereotypically of girls, to be more communicative, self reflecting and nurturing, bring those qualities to the workplace. I have found that generally speaking the women I have worked with are more communicative as well as receptive about issues of concern, , more able to openly admit weaknesses and accept/ask for feedback and suggestions. Women more readily offer e

Working as a team in a mutually supportive and positive atmosphere are of primary value for the women I have worked with. Maybe this goes back in history when the men went out hunting in individual pursuit of food and the women all stayed at home cooking caring for children and the home ,etc, in a much more social environment.

Women seem to be much more able to multitask than men are.. When women work together, it isn’t necessary to slow down or have to separate each activity to explain things…..

Working with women can also be less complicated as there is likely to be less distraction and problems that often result from sexual attractions, games and relationships that so often get in the way of productiveness at work.

What stories do you have that illustrates the power of working with women?

Mary and I after close to bankruptcy decided that we could do it “just the women” and bring the business to fruition. We have found that our way of doing things has attracted such positive energy that people have offered their assistance even as volunteers because they want to be a part of the work we do. No matter how difficult the tasks are, we approach them with humour, passion, instincts and tenacity. Even a few men have found that our approach is appealing and have chosen to become a part of it. We are certain that it is this more “feminine” style of working together that is more effective and has in fact worked to take us to a much more stable and productive situation.

What special qualities do you bring to your current position?

Humour, good instincts, hard work, empathy, and a great deal of experience.

Gabriella Starker-Saxe and Mary Salerno are the co-owners of New Opportunities Learning Centre located in Toronto. They also provide educational services around the world online.

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