A collection of Management Common Sense

In Business, Writing (all kinds) on September 18, 2016 at 3:00 AM

By Duncan Gunputrav

Management is the voluntary control of your self and or a particular situation, to achieve a desired result.

All actions in any situation have a subsequent result (both direct and indirect); even non-action is an action. The right action taken at the wrong time will not have the same result if taken at the right time.

This then is the challenge of Management – which action to take in the right time. The scenario becomes exponentially more complex when we are dealing with numerous less predictable features associated with the personnel involved in any scenario.

Without delving into the complex and sticking to basics, this collection will look at various aspects from a common sense perspective; de-mystifying and clarifying while growing the reader’s knowledge in these basic Management concepts.

The Management concepts this collection will cover are listed below; each outlining the what, how, were, when, who and why of :

· Management
· Marketing
· Accounting
· Human Resources
· Stock control
· Strategy

In order to cater for the specific requirements of the reading population your comments are welcome; comments are directed to the owner of the magazine, however sent to the author and replies will (if they qualify) be shared with you. I am an up and coming manager.

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