Gems of the Indian Ocean

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Mauritius is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

By Duncan Gunputrav

In North America the tendency for most is to have a limited knowledge of countries situated in far reaching parts of the globe. Especially when these nations do not participate in the G8 meetings or are only secretly visited by international celebrities or rarely by heads of state.

The truth is these islands have a rare wealth and beauty. Some would even match some of these areas with paradise, as is the case of Mauritius – the Tiger of the Indian Ocean.

Like Mauritius, there are other Gems in this region of the Indian Ocean; each with their own special gift of a blessing.

Madagascar is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

Madagascar is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

The largest island in the region in Madagascar, while infamous for it volatile politics also lives up to its reputation of having unique aspects – namely having unique flora and fauna like no other in the world.

Seychelles is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

Seychelles is a Gem of the Indian Ocean

Another Gem in the Index of this series is the Island of the Seychelles. A place where the picturesque beaches is one of the best in the world.

No Tour to this region would be complete without a visit to the still active volcano on the island of Reunion . . .

This series of articles will take each of these Gems and outline a synopsis of the socioeconomic conditions, history and culture; for a deeper appreciation to new worlds.

These symbols of Divine creation remind us that within each and every one of us there is an inner beauty and peace worth revisiting from time-to-time, thereby improving, even for a few moments, our quality of life.

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  1. I prefer if the pictures were published – that is the impact (one picture is a 1000 words) … to srtatert loading web addresses somehow takes away from the feel intended when reading these articles….

  2. Hi,Love it, I will pass it on to the rest of my friends and co-wokers.

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