Excerpt about “Church Sunday” from the Montreal Gazette

Cover Art for the Book Spiderwoman by Donna Kakonge

Cover Art for the Book Spiderwoman by Donna Kakonge

By Bronwyn Chester in the Montréal Gazette

“Church Sunday” is a more resolved story. A young girl in Toronto accompanies her Granny, visiting from St. Vincent, to church and learns what it means to give. The old woman “hated the Methodist church, it made her fall asleep. She said there were too many white people and she couldn’t stand the organ music that was played with more than one mistake.”

Headlight Anthology, vol. 1 1998, Headlight Press, 128 pp. $7.95. Available at Chapters, Paragraphe, The Word and Double Hook in Montreal.

Online it is available at: http://stores.lulu.com/kakonged under the book now titled Spiderwoman with other stories by Donna Kakonge.

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