”Honouring our past, celebrating our present, reaffirming our future” (Originally Published in Pride Newsmagazine)

In Culture, Events, Writing (all kinds) on August 30, 2016 at 3:00 AM

The Canadian Hispanic Day Parade (CHDP) is run by a non-profit organization created to share with all Canadians and new immigrants, Latin language, food, culture, and sense of celebration. Their main objective is to promote the cultural heritage of the Latin American people residing in Canada. On Sunday August 21st, 2005, the CHDP, held their 5th Annual Canadian Hispanic Day Parade beginning at the Jane and Sheppard Mall and ending at the John Booth Arena located at Jane and Shoreham.

The CHDP is the only parade of its kind in Canada.

Without our own enclave, the celebration of the CHDP in Toronto gives the Latin community a chance to unite while celebrating and sharing our heritage with others, as well as a sense of belonging.

From a 2001 Stats Canada Figures showing the actual number of Spanish Speaking people in Canada – not including recent immigrants – populations total 610,575 with 282,745 males and 327,830 females. Their centre of population is a thriving and has a working community that has claimed Canada as their home.

There are more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries represented in the CHDP parade.
Miss Hispanidad is the beauty pageant component of the CHDP and continues to join together the cultures and diverse communities in which Hispanics live. With 20 beauties from all the countries represented.

There are 25 colourful and delightful floats representing different Latin-American countries with bands playing traditional music coupled with folkloric dancers.

The CHDP is a proud to have had the participation of political figures, like Mayor David Miller, Councillors Judy Sgro, Giorgio Mammoliti and their never ending supporter, Councillor Peter Li Preti. Thanks to the participation to the Police Department, Emergency Medical Service and the Works and Emergency Services.

The CDHP says “The diversity of our cities is what makes our country great. The Canadian Hispanic Day Parade and its sister association, Miss Hispanidad thrive in instilling the Hispanic heritage to our youth while celebrating the achievements of today’s generation and nurturing the multiculturalism that makes Canada one of the greatest country in the world.”
As a result of the recent violence in the Jane Finch community, members of the Hispanic Day Parade/Super Latin World Arts Festival Inc. organizing committee(s) are starting fundraising activities to raise funds to help youth in our community. Historically, the Toronto Board of Education and 31 Division have partnered to offer bursaries to 10 Jane Finch students who have been identified as community leaders by the Board of Education.

As criteria for bursary receipt, each student must be entering post secondary education and must be paying a portion of their tuition independent from the 31 Division bursaries. In recognition that this is not possible for some community youth, members of the Hispanic Day Parade/Super Latin World Arts Festival Inc. organizing committee(s) are raising funds to be held in trust by the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre for disbursement to selected community youth in order to ensure their access to the available bursary.

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