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Boar Hairbrushes

Boar hairbrushes can be an extremely good option as a purchase to maintain the health of your hair. There are other types of brushes too that work as well as one made of boar bristles.

Back in the 1990s I bought a boar bristle hairbrush for about $25.00 CDN from the salon that I go to from time-to-time. I thought it was expensive then, however after keeping that brush for more than 10 years, I realized what a good investment it was.

Boar hairbrushes are a really good choice in hair care. Now what I have is a plastic bristle brush that I bought from Aveda with a wooden handle. This brush I have also found quite good because it is flat and really helps to control my thick hair when I use it.

The only reason why I decided to buy the plastic bristle brush is because the boar hairbrush does not last forever as my salon had told me when I originally bought it. It actually could have a life span for as many years as the dollar amount you have paid for it at the maximum. This is still a really good investment.

I have found the plastic hairbrush to be cleaner and a bit easier to use. I find it does not grip at hair the same way the boar hairbrush would and this I actually see as an advantage.

While we are on the topic of hairbrushes, always make sure that you do not brush your hair when it is wet. When your hair is wet you should use a comb. Although it may not give you that slick look with your hair that you may desire, this is much better for avoiding thinning hair and maintaining the health of your hair.


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