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Here is some more media research on cars done when I worked for the Media Research Institute taken from August 2005:

“Souped-up complaint” an item in the Star (A14)

“Chrysler is turning to robots to compete” the Star (J. Green, F2)

“Discount deals yield huge U.S. sales surge” the Star (T. Brown, F3)

“Souped-up complaint”
Cars designed for racing receive special scrutiny from police, but this is not undue “profiling.” A commentary in today’s Star (A14) reports some of these cars have been used in illegal drag races on public streets which has killed an estimated 30 people. The commentary concludes that souped-up cars do not lead to unfair profiling by police for the special attention they get.

“Chrysler is turning to robots to compete”
Chrysler is turning to robots to match Toyota’s and other Asian auto makers manufacturing speed. Today’s Star (J. Green, F2) reports Chrysler will begin using the robots in January for a new car at a Belvidere, Ill. plant, said Frank Ewasyshyn, a manufacturing chief. The robots will let Chrysler build four cars on one assembly line, which Honda and Toyota can already do.

“Discount deals yield huge U.S. sales surge”
GM, 19.1 %, Ford, 35.5 % and Chrysler 32.0 % have surged in their U.S. sales for July in a year-over-year gain. In today’s Star (T. Brown, F3) and today’s Post (B. Koenig, FP11), they both report Toyota and Nissan also had sales gains. Toyota’s sales were 12.3 per cent in July. Photo of Nissan Armada in the Post.

“GM Rides Discount Wave to Solid July”
The National Post, August 3, 2005, Bloomberg, FP11 and The Star, August 3, 2005, Reuters, F2
U.S. sales in July surged 19 per cent for GM, 35.5 per cent for Ford and 32 percent for DaimlerChrysler. Toyota and Nissan also had sales gains. Nissan sold 15 per cent more than the 93,297 it reported in July, 2004. Gains at Nissan came from its Altima sedans and Pathfinder, Murano and Armada SUV. Photo of Nissan Armada in the Post.

“Mazda introduces the mini minivan”
In years to come the arrival of the Mazda5 will bring on micro-vans of all shapes and sizes. Last Wednesday’s Vancouver Province (K. Morgan, C1) reviews the six-seater 5 and Morgan says Mazda is the first to bring these mini, minivans out of Europe and into North America where the current market of high gas prices is just right for them. Morgan notes that it’s what is inside the Mazda5 that counts, and it’s remarkably simple to fit into. Morgan writes it’s a must test-drive for anyone who is torn between a station-wagon or a minivan because there’s nothing like it out there yet. Photo of 2006 Mazda5.

“The right ‘car’ at the right time”
When timing is everything, Mazda has done a good job of having the right car at the right time. Last Wednesday’s Vancouver Province (B. McHugh, C4), McHugh reviews the Mazda5 and writes with an under $20,000 price point and car-like handling, he sees the 2006 Mazda5 as another winner. He notes there are no competitors for the Mazda5 for now, but the year ahead should bring some. Three pictures of interior of 2006 Mazda5, one picture of Mazda5.


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