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I used to work as an auto journalist with the Media Research Institute. In an ode to the failing auto industry, here are some of the summaries. This one dates back to August of 2005:

“Kyoto ultra-light” an item in the Star (A14)

“Street racers dodge the law” the Star (M. Campbell, B1)

“Auto makers drive price wars forward” an item in the Star (C2)

“Kyoto ultra-light”
The U.S., Australia, Japan, China, India and South Korea have recently concluded an agreement to fight global warming. An editorial item in the Star (A14) comments this pact does not bind the countries in any way. The item reports environmental experts call this agreement “hot air” and the Star agrees.

“Street racers dodge the law”
Randy’s 1985 Ford Thunderbird doesn’t look good, but it is designed for speed. Today’s Star (M. Campbell, B1-2) reports in a feature article that for police the problem with Randy is that he doesn’t always race at the track. Many of these cars designed for speed are racing on public roads and are causing traffic hazards.

“Auto makers drive price wars forward”
GM is slashing prices on its 2006 models in an increased effort to boost sales. An item in today’s Star (C2) reports Ford is also reducing prices on some of its 2006 models like the Lincoln-Mercury, Explore, Focus, Freestar and Mercury Monterey. GM’s new “Total Value Promise” strategy helps the consumer to get prices that are closer to the final transactions, highlighting the value and quality of the cars.

“U.S. automakers extend discounts after sales soar”
The Montreal Gazette, August 2, 2005, Jeff Green and Barbara Powell, Bloomberg News, B2

The Big Three auto makers increasing their sales with “employee discounts” are making plans to maintain the sales increase. Toyota, Honda and Nissan have not been introducing as many discounts to increase sales.

“For the family on the go”
The Montreal Gazette, August 2, 2005, Brian Harper and Angela Forgeron, E3

Harper notes in a review the 3.5 litre DOHC V6 engine in the Nissan Altima SE-R, cuts a striking figure in its signature colour of red. Forgeron doesn’t like the SE-R because she’s not a fan of family sedans being turned into sports car, or the other way around. Harper gives the SE-R a “thumbs-up,” while Forgeron says the car doesn’t fit into her lifestyle. Photo of Nissan Altima SE-R included.


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