CIL Introduces New Environmentally-Friendly Exterior Wood Stains

You Can Get What You Need Out of This Can
You Can Get What You Need Out of This Can

Line includes good-better-best selections for all performance requirements

By Gail Bergman and Indira Tarachandra
Toronto, Ontario – May 11, 2009 – As Canadians increasingly look for green lifestyles by extending their living spaces outside, CIL Paints is helping to make outdoor living even greener with the launch this month of a new line of exterior wood stains that are better for the environment.

“Our research shows that consumers want wood coatings that are gentle on the environment, make their stain jobs easier and last longer,” says Shaun Noble, Marketing Manager for CIL Paints. “CIL’s new exterior stain program delivers on all of these fronts, and takes into account today’s challenging economic times by offering products at a range of price points.”

Available in three different performance levels – ultra premium, premium and mainline – CIL’s new exterior wood stain is formulated using a low VOC (volatile organic compound) hybrid formulation of water-based acrylic latex mixed with natural oils or alkyd resins to maximize the protection and shine of the coating. Simple to apply, it contains a weatherproof shield, resists mildew and guards against wood rot and decay. The new CIL wood stains provide the best of both worlds by offering the protection and durability of an oil-based stain with the fast-dry and water clean-up of a latex coating.

The Ultra Premium collection is offered in both a solid and semi-transparent stain for decks, fences and siding, and contains Wood Flex and Weatherproof technologies. With the combination of these and other performance technologies, the Ultra Premium stain provides superior penetration and protection against scuffing as well as excellent water repellency for the ultimate in durability. The Ultra Premium stains also contain advanced ultra-violet (UV) properties and ColourLast technology to prevent cracking, peeling and colour fading. When properly maintained, the Ultra Premium Solid Stain can provide excellent performance for up to 17 years on vertical surfaces (such as fences and siding) and five to eight years maximum on horizontal surfaces (such as decks). The Semi-Transparent Ultra Premium stain lasts up to seven years on vertical surfaces and three to five years maximum on horizontal surfaces.

CIL’s Premium Cedar Treatment stain is available in both cedar and honeygold colours, with similar attributes as the Ultra Premium collection. Made from a water-based alkyd resin, the Cedar Treatment stains are formulated to protect wood surfaces against nature’s elements, while preserving the sought-after rich, amber-toned appearance for up to seven years.

The mainline collection is available in both a solid and semi-transparent stain for decks, fences and siding and is offered in more than 1,200 CIL colours in the solid stain. Formulated to penetrate wood, repel water and block sun rays, the mainline stain produces a durable, protective wood surface that avoids cracking, peeling and fading. For vertical surfaces, when properly maintained, performance is up to 15 years for the solid stain and five years for the semi-transparent coating. For horizontal surfaces, projects using the mainline solid stain are expected to last five to seven years maximum and up to three years for the semi-transparent stain.

Currently available in stores, CIL’s new wood stain retails between $30 to $40 per gallon, depending on the product selected. For more information about CIL’s new wood stain line, to access its new colour stain card or to locate a CIL retailer near you, call 1-800-387-3767.


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