Morning English Lessons Excerpt

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This is an excerpt from the book Morning English Lessons that was published in December, 2008. To check out the book, please go to:

Second Lesson:

We discussed about how he gets to work with a scooter
We discussed about his daughter’s trip to Montreal and Quebec City in Canada
We discussed about different accents from the United Kingdom, and the northern English people, as well as southern English people.
We discussed about where he went to school and that he mainly reads newspapers and magazines.
We also discussed about books in English he has read.

I taught him the word “elbow” and encouraged him to increase his vocabulary through registering for free with Penguin Canada (a publishing company) online “word of the day.”

I sent him two articles that I have written:
“Toronto Culture on the Cheap,” and
“Montreal, Quelle Ville”
Both articles are in English

I will be speaking with Jean Louis on Wednesday and we plan to explore his interests and expand his vocabulary more.

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