Laying Down Your Own Path

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Picture Courtesy of Tarkett

Picture Courtesy of Tarkett

Getting your floors just right in your new home can be a difficult task and a costly one too.

There are many things that you can do to solve the problem of laying down great hardwood floors so you have a firm foundation to stand on in your new home.

One of the solutions is to hire a contractor who will install your flooring, preferably by putting nails down, rather than using glue to put the floors down. You can also try this method yourself by attending some of the home solution workshops at places such as Home Depot.

There is a Canadian company called Tarkett Residential that has come up with a way to lay down traditional hardwood floors without using glue or nails. The method is meant to be environmentally friendly.

The idea behind this method is that you can install this type of flooring yourself by simply clicking the planks of flooring together.

Called Tarkett Eco Clic™, “the new hardwood flooring collection is best described as easy – easy on the eyes, easy to install and easy on the earth,” said Lise LeBreton, Tarkett Residential Creative Director, in unveiling the line.

If you would like to know more about Tarkett, please visit

This is one possible way that you could go about installing new flooring. If you are someone who despite trends in home design really appreciates great carpet – you may want to try investing in an art-woven environmentally friendly piece of carpeting that will add to your hardwood floors at a place such as the W Studio in Toronto.

What Alan Pourvakil has managed to accomplish is luxurious, award winning and good for your health. He is the owner and designer of the W Studio – a large, impressive building that houses fine-quality carpets.

He was born in Iran, a place known for its Persian rugs. He came to Canada in 1988 at the age of 20 and started working in the carpet business in 1989.

“I would look at my own inventory to complete the picture and if I didn’t have it, I would outsource the materials.”

Starting in 1996, he opened his own retail business. He started with mainly Persian rugs. The company’s slogan at the time was “decorative Persian rugs.” After about a year, he realized that people were tired of too much repetition.

“We looked for things that were softer on the eyes, more open, that would fit into today’s lifestyle, things that were not necessarily made in Iran,” says Pourvakil.

Beginning in 1998, after travelling to places like New York, he was forced into outsourcing weaving companies after realizing there was not enough on the market. W Studio had to specify the weave and the wool, design and getting rugs custom-made. The studio made them in multiple sizes, starting with 4 X 6.

“My approach was different; I wanted to find out what someone needed and try to find that carpet, working with the customer and find out their tastes,” said Pourvakil. “We have to listen to the couple and find out what they like and what is right for the room.”

Pourvakil says each rug has a soul; they call it the art for the fifth wall.

“It’s the largest piece of painting in a room. It’s the most important piece of art in a room. A carpet can take months, if not years to be done [unlike] other home furnishings that can take days, if not hours to be made. It does have lots of personality. It not only has to reflect the user, it has to be right for the space.”

It needs to reflect the user’s lifestyle, status, taste and so forth, says Pourvakil.

W Studio seems to be accomplishing their mandate. They have garnered over 30 national and international design awards. Twenty of them have been from the International Design Exhibition, IDEX Show. Pourvakil wants to achieve something that has not been done before and his awards prove he has.

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