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How Does State Funding Effect Children in Schools?

Kitsaps’s public school districts, schools in Washington, have cut their budgets by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past seven years. The needs for the schools are still great. State funding pays about 70 percent of the total public school funding is based on a formula from 30 years ago.

School superintendents say that Washington schools should offer:

● preschool
● free, but mandatory, all-day kindergarten for all students
● class sizes of no larger than 19 students from kindergarten to grade two, rather than the 25 children that exist now
● high-quality, ongoing professional development for all teachers
● instructional coaches at every school to help teachers learn strategies to reach all kids
● time in the school day for teachers to meet and go over students’ work and brainstorm new strategies
● tutors who reach to students and parents
● more elective courses in high school
● specific, individualized learning plans for all students
● longer school year (200 days at least)
● a full-time counselour and full-time nurse at each school
● adequate office staff at each school to meet the needs of students and parents
● technology that meets today’s standards and allows for online learning
● more hands-on learning experiences to help kids find their passions

The Washington public school funding formula is being challenged in the state supreme court.

Schools receive local property tax money to help fund them.

Every year that cuts have come, education leaders say they will not affect the classroom.



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