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SongVersation:I Am Light
The final essay, Part 5 – Worthy IS HERE!!!!
June 19, 2016

Here we are!

 The conclusion of SongVersation: I Am Light  essays with 

Part 5 –  Worthy!!!

& Facebook life chat with Super Soul Sessions!!!!!!!


When I launched this SongVersation, (form the road on the  Songs in the Key of Life Tour ) back in march 2015 – I NEVER NEVER NEVER EXPECTED … NEVER. EVER. expected – it to be this involved or spread out or far reaching – but I am grateful for how far we’ve come.
Those of you following closely know, I have been poised to release the final SongVersation Essay – Part 5 since the top of the year but some how it felt like the timing wasn’t my choice – so I went with the flow.


Today as I write this, – the 30 pages I HAD written as part 5 – have been archived for later use ( more about that at a later date)


A NEW (3rd version of)  part 5 – is born and it’s here!

Download Part 5 here.

Download Part 5.1 here.




What I now realize I was waiting for is … Oprah!  Super Soul Sessions,


In January of 2016 Oprah released a 7 part documentary series called  #Belief ( have you see that?) At the after party,  I asked Sherri Salata from OWN if she would read my SongVersation essays, she did, and  Weeks later an invitation to bring SongVersation to camera, with OPRAH!!  came!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY A DREAM COME TRUE. You can watch it here!!

It all made sense – why part 5 kept being delayed.

The synchronicitys are AMAZING


This is the most important part of the essays – it is the point of it all. To share my deepest truth with the intention that it will touch who ever it is meant for in the way they are meant to be touched.

And super soul session elevated that intention – literally and figuratively.
So, heres how its going to work.


SongVersation: I Am Light part 5  (and part 5.1) – WORTHY


Is a combination of – A TRANSCRIPT of my SongVersation: Worthy  talk on Super Soul Sessions with lots of added thoughts that I DIDNT share in that talk.


As you read the transcript-  (as has been the hall mark of this SongVersation essay series)  – you will see many links ( in blue) to other things that complete the SongVersation.

These is very important, more than in the previous parts of SongVersation: I am Light – you’ll understand why when you read it. So make sure you click all blue links to get the full SongVersation experience.


ALSO: SongVersation: I am Light part 5 – Worthy is broken down into two parts – 5 and 5.1



AND!! SongVersation: I am Light part 5 – Worthy, for the first time ANYWHERE,  shares my personal spiritual practice.


i’m REALLY excited for you to read this.






Thursday June 16 ( enter time) I did a Facebook Live chat in conjunction with Super Soul Sessions!!!


I had so much fun!! To watch it click here.
And as always, if you feel it, email me:


For reading and following along,  I Love you.


and I Thank you, THANK You. THANK YOU!



India Arie


P.S. I have received MANY emails, and I try to answer one a day – if I haven answered you back yet – keep a space open for me – I hope to eventually get to EVERYONE. But know, I read ALL of them.

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