It Makes Cents: Shopping Tips

In Beauty, Business, Writing (all kinds) on June 4, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Shopping – everybody has to do it at some point. It is hard to go through life without the material things in life. Here are some suggestions on how you can save on those things you need:

· Buying clothes can be an expensive thing. Buying second-hand is an option. Shopping at places like Value Village could save you thousands of dollars compared to buying first-hand clothing.
· If you are buying first-hand clothing, try to buy out of season. If you buy winter clothing in the spring, it may be hard to find your size and have the full stock available for choices, however you will save so much money
· You may know someone who works at a clothing store, an electronics store, or even a pet store. Find out if you can have this friend or relative of yours buy you what you need at their staff discount. This will save you a bundle too
· Buying online can be a great way to save on the material things of life. Places like eBay have even been known to be selling top-class jewelry for extremely affordable prices – this may be the way to say “I do,” without saying “I’m in debt”
· Many people will drive around to different stores looking for the best bargain on what they need. With the price of gas these days, you may actually be saving money by just going to the store you know will probably have the lowest prices. If the store has a guarantee that they offer the lowest prices and you find the product at a lower price somewhere else, you may only need to make one more trip back there to get some of your money back
· When you are buying most things that are also on display, see if you can buy the display item instead to get a discount on the product
· Warehouses and outlets are a great way to save money. This is especially true of top-designer items in clothing, watches, jewelry and a number of other items. Even though some of these outlets and warehouses are out of the way, they may be worth the drive out there for the savings you will get from your shopping
· Always take advantage of sales and promotions. If it is a reputable store you will find that you are truly saving lots of money
· Keep in mind there are sites like Craigslist where you can find some things you would need either free or a far lower price than you would find anywhere else. Even things like blackberries are on sale on Craiglist. You can buy bikes there too, maybe even find one for free
· When we are kids, hand-me-downs seem like a terrible thing. As we get older, the opportunity to get anything we need for free when we also need to pay a mortgage would probably seem like a good deal for most people. If you know anyone who is giving away something you need for free, this is not a time to let your pride get in the way. Think of it as saving the environment, it would have probably gone in the garbage any way
· Another way to shop for things for free would be to check out the rich neighbourhoods on garbage or recycling days. This may seem a little like “dumpster diving,” however, you will find that your new coffee table that looks like it came from the most expensive store in town did not even cost you a thing – there is even a whole movement around this way of living known as Freeganism

Shopping is a hard thing to do…it is an art like anything else, especially if you manage to save money while you are doing it. Choose days to shop when you are feeling “lucky.” This may also help you to go with your own instincts to find a terrific deal on something you have been saving up for.

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