It Makes Cents: Saving Money on Getting Around

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Sometimes the Smaller the Car - the Easier to Get Around

Sometimes the Smaller the Car - the Easier to Get Around

Getting around can be an expensive thing to do. Even if you take public transit – there are many ways to save on getting around your town. Here are some tips that make getting around easier and less expensive:

· Gas is so expensive these days, owning a car in general is expensive. Some of the ways you can save is by busing it into work and only using the car for special occasions
· One way you can save on gas is by buying your gas at independent suppliers, rather than huge chain oil companies – this could save you a lot of money
· Buying gas at night is always a good idea because the prices tend to be lower since fewer people are on the road – give this a try
· If you want to save on auto insurance and you are young, take advantage of the good driving record your parents may have by signing with their insurance company. This could save you a lot of cents in the long run
· Another way to save on auto insurance is to rent a car through something like AutoShare. This is a car sharing service that allows you to rent a car by the hour when you pay a flat annual fee that is lot less than car insurance. This way you do not have to worry about paying car insurance and the AutoShare depots to return the car are conveniently located in most major cities. There are many companies that provide this kinds of services other than AutoShare
· Public transit is a great way to get around the city. Most major cities in Canada have public transit systems that offer everything from day passes, to weekly passes to monthly passes that will help you out a lot. When you are a child, a student, or a senior, you can really save on the price of public transportation. Also taking public transportation is an affordable and an environment friendly way to get around
· Taking your bike around the city is a great way to exercise, as well as helping to save a bundle on transportation – make sure you wear your helmet
· If you are looking for travel to places outside of where you live, there are websites like Craigslist where people will sell plane, train and bus tickets for affordable prices
· Carpooling is always a great way to get around your city. You can even use carpooling as a way to get from one city to another. There are companies that offer services like this such as AlloStop
· Make sure that if you do take that plunge to buy a car – you choose wisely. Some of the new cars out right now such as the Smart Car have been rated well for their crash testing and are at great prices
· Once you do make that decision to buy a car, shop around for your insurance if you do not have many alternatives. Also keep in mind that the company you work for may have discounts with some of the insurance companies you are speaking to. Do not forget to ask them if they have staff discounts for the place where you work
· Sometimes, depending on the city where you live, taxis can be another inexpensive way to get around your town, especially if you are going short distances and are traveling outside of rush hour – this could be a fast way to get to where you are going that is less expensive than owning a car

These are just a few suggestions to help you get around in a more affordable way. Remember to wear your seat belt.

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