It Makes Sense: tips on how to save money with food

In Business, Health, Writing (all kinds) on May 30, 2016 at 3:00 AM

There are so many ways you can be saving on your daily expenses to put more money in the bank or to spend on things that really mean something to you. Some of those ways could start with just keeping a list of how you spend your money and looking at ways you could cut back. Here are some suggestions:

· Drinking coffee outside of the house can really add up. If you brew your own coffee at home and take around a thermos with you throughout the day, you could be saving hundreds of dollars in year that could go towards retirement savings, a trip to a tropical island or just spending it on anything else that really means something to you

· Eating lunch out while you are work also really adds up. Try brown bagging it. You can save a bundle that you can then put into your savings

· If you really want to eat out, go for lunch rather than dinner. You will save a whole bunch of money this way…again, this can go into your savings

· Try to buy your groceries at places where you need to bring your own bags, you can even choose environmentally friendly ones. You can also choose to shop at independent grocers. Both these places would have less expensive prices than the huge chain grocery stores

· If you are really looking to save money on food…try buying day-old bread and vegetables that have not turned yet. They are not the freshest things you could buy, however, if you are looking to save money – this is the way to go

· You have to make sure that when you are invited out, there is free food there. There are so many places you can go where you can get free food. If you know enough activities, you could probably spend your entire weekend not spending a dime on nourishment and just concentrating on having a good time

· Try to go to your parents house for dinners as much as possible – this could save you a lot of money, plus help you to bond closer to your parents

· Clipping coupons is an old past-time – it has stuck around because it works

· When the flyers come out in the newspaper about specials that the grocery store is having – do act on them. This way you can treat yourself to something that perhaps usually you would not be able to eat – this is an inexpensive way to treat yourself

· Avoid ordering out when you are at home. If you have to, try to pick it up to save on the delivery charges

These are just some tips to help you make cents and save money on food.

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