Love in Quebec

You walk up cobblestone steps as you head to your dinner at the Crazy Pig (as it is called in English). The Crazy Pig is a quaint, clean and quiet restaurant where the love of your life could ask you to marry you if he is sane enough. Shopping is dirt cheap compared to big cities like Toronto and you can buy a box of maple tea as a souvenir for your Mom or Dad. I’m talking about Levis, Quebec.

Levis was rated the third safest city to live in Canada by the national magazine Maclean’s. It is moments away from Quebec City where you could stay at the University of Quebec residences in the summer for much less than the C$3.8 million it cost to build the state-of-art temporary home for you.

Levis can certainly be your home away from home and a wonderful place to buy jewellery at Jacobs, such as an engagement ring. And buy beautiful eyewear at Giguère Richard so you can truly see how beautiful or handsome your lover is.

Being moments away from Quebec City, there are great pubs to go to where you can have some of the finest beer in the world made right in Quebec. The night life in Quebec City is amazing and some of the provincial artists such as Sky, Dubmatique, Grenique, Isabelle Boulay and even remixed music of Celine Dion will get you dancing all night. Plus, you are bound to hear some familiar favourites such as Madonna too.

If shopping, dancing and eating like a crazy pig are not your thing…you can try renting a camper out in the cottage area close to Levis. This is perfect for comfortable camping conditions. Quebec City offers white water rafting, hiking and mountain bike riding not too far away in the Gatineau. Get out there and explore and you will discover how beautiful, safe, calm and romantic northern Quebec can be.

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