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Many years ago when I was looking to lose weight, I came across a place called The Yellow Brick Road in Toronto. Back then, there was a raw food restaurant called Live on the first floor and alternative medicine choices like Ayurvedic medicine upstairs. I enjoyed eating at Live and visiting my Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Sonal.

What I discovered about Ayurvedic medicine is that it’s based on doshas, which is similar to a body-type constitution. Mine is a vata dosha, which means that I am met to eat cooked foods, even vegetables and lots of chicken. I found out from a healer that it was also okay for me to eat shrimp.

Although at times I dabble in other foods, I have found that chicken agrees with me well. When I hear of this Asian flu epidemic, it leaves me hoping I will not have to abandon what I enjoy so much ultimately for the sake of my health. This is where a restaurant like Live becomes so vital.

Live café which has since opened in its own location beside The Yellow Brick Road has Jennifer Italiano as its owner. She is often invited to food expos to show off her tremendous talent and innovation in making raw food popular in other places than California. Woody Harrelson has been at her establishment and in the time I spent there, I always found the environment warm and welcoming. Italiano also has a menu where she cooks the food as well, keeping in mind that not everyone can digest raw food well.

With a combination of eating at Live café and visiting Dr. Sonal, I lost 20 pounds that I have managed to keep off for three years now. The regular walking that Dr. Sonal recommended also helped in achieving my goal and connection with me and friends.

Dove commercials are showcasing women who look real. The key is finding the right food for you. There are so many ways to do it. Living on a coffee, cigarette or alcohol diet is something that can come back to haunt any human. I will be delighted to see the day when reaching a weight of middle-ground will be desirable. It’s starting to happen.


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