Good Luck for Your Home (Originally Published with New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

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Here is a treat for you instead of a trick for Halloween. Zeny Maninang is a sales representative since 1985 with HomeLife, Bayview Realty. She has learned a lot about developing your luck through your home. Paul Ng, philosopher and geomancer who also specializes in feng shui, was able to bring good luck to her home that helped her business and personal lives.

“What he did is he took the birth date of everyone in the family,” says Maninang. “Because my house is facing west and he thinks it is not suitable for us, he felt it was better to go south exposure. Usually it is not a good sign to have a post. He asked me to get six turtles…three turtles on the right hand and three turtles on the left hand side of the house as you are facing the house. They have to be exterior ones and they are hard to find.”

The turtles are meant to promote good energy to flow into your home.

“You have to make an island in front of the house to block whatever comes into the house,” Maninang says. “He asked me to put rounded leaf plants instead of pointed leaves for more flowing energy for the house. [He also said] not to have a mirror by the bed.”

Maninang has a king size bed in her master bedroom. Right beside that are mirrored closet doors.

“The way to go against the draining of energy is to close [the doors] or have a vase with flowers. My house is a bungalow, you cannot move around the bed because it is a small bedroom.”

Ng also asked Maninang to remove the aquarium because the fish are always dying. He asked her to put a fountain outside the front door to welcome the flow of the water.

“After he did that…everything went smooth with my deals,” Maninang says. “I did my own feng shui. Everything I did was all wrong…sometimes it is worth getting someone who is a specialist for that.”

Ng also made other changes to bring good luck into Maninang’s home. He changed the way her desk was backing the window. He said she was going to make a sale after that.

“And I sold the last lot the next day,” Maninang says. “I do not know if it is superstition. Maybe that is why the Chinese believe in that. I believe in feng shui, it works for me. People will advise you whether you should buy that lot or not. We do a lot of changes in the houses and that is how I learned a lot about feng shui.” Maninang says that she has also discovered that the master bedroom bed should not have a stove below it.

“It means that you are always on fire,” Maninang says. “The bathroom you should not see through it. So many things… Stove should not face the sink, so it has to be moved around. You do not want the front door, facing the other door. Going to the backdoor. If you have money coming in, it just goes out.”

Maninang says when she is dealing with clients, if they like the floor plan, or they like the layout, you have to put a French door, so the flow of the money does not come out right away between the front and back doors if they are facing each other.

She also recommends to put a money area in the house.

“Even my clock was placed forward and facing outside the house. He does not want that [Ng], it has to go towards the money area.”

Maninang says this is the reason why some people lose money. When it comes to your romantic life, there should no live or dried plants in the master bedroom. It affects your relationship.

Maninang also says that the front of house should be clear and have no clutter. There should be a black or dark blue carpet in the front, this slows down the energy. Plants with rounded leaves should be at the front. Plus, putting a water fountain in the summer outside and bringing the water fountain in for winter is good luck.

“Viney plants do not let grow down to the floor,” says Maninang. “You want to keep it neat and it should not creep. Rounded not too overgrowing. Lucky bamboo in the office and to have a crystal hanging in the room. It gives out reflections.”

Maninang says that when she started working with the new homes and she was experiencing so many rough times, she asked Paul Ng to come over and move things and it really helps.

“Get rid of clutter, bathroom too. Nice to have a plant too in the bathroom. Bathrooms drain the energy in the house. I put the lucky bamboo, you do not have to maintain it.”

Maninang also says that even her car is dark blue because Ng said she should drive a dark blue colour of car.

“Before people would complain to me and there would be problems. Now everything is fine.”

For more information about selling or buying your home with Zeny Maninang, contact:

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