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In Health, Writing (all kinds) on May 19, 2016 at 3:00 AM

I was listening to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) and one of the announcers had something to say that is so true. Gym memberships are a necessary evil. Funny enough, when I gave a call to my sister Lisa that same Saturday morning, she had just come from the gym and shared with me that she usually needs to drag herself to go there, however she is always really happy once she is finished with her workout.

I used to be a huge “workout queen.” There was a time when I would jog six times a week and lost a whole bunch of weight. Another time I was going to the gym every day and again, lost a whole bunch of weight. While I was an undergrad at Carleton University, I would walk 40 minutes to the school and 40 minutes back, plus still work out at the campus gym for a minimum of three days per week. Exercise is something that has been part of my life – yes, it is a necessary evil.

Getting into the routine is key. I have fallen out of the routine now. I keep telling myself that when I reach 40, I will start taking better physical care of myself. The age of 40 is not too far off for me. My sister suggests that I should really get into the habit now so I can start building a good routine. I know my little sister is right and it is interesting that I am receiving so much wisdom from someone younger than me. I do see many people who are older than me who seem to be in great shape. My energy level is good, however I know getting something like a gym membership would really help me to develop a good habit and hopefully eliminate a the current bad habit I have of smoking.

Well…enough said, with some willpower, I hope to at least get more walking in, despite the weather. If you would like to read more about information on the Internet related to health topics that I have edited, I encourage you to buy my book Being Healthy: Selected Works from the Internet. It can be purchased at:

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