K2 Contracting Ltd. (Originally Published in Canadian Builders Quarterly

In Business, Writing (all kinds) on May 17, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Kevin Fairweather manages the business K2 Contracting Ltd. that does about $3.5 million to $5 million dollars a year.

“We do some residential homes and light commercial work,” says Fairweather. “We’re in the construction area so our number of employees fluctuates depending on what we’re doing. We have about 30 employees, have had up to that. Now we have 18. Most of them are apprentices, they are finishing their last years of apprenticeship.”

In a small community such as Rossland, BC where they are based, their recent strategies towards marketing are different than most. They focus on the bigger houses and higher end homes that the is something smaller-end people cannot even look at.

Customer service is important to K2 Contracting Ltd., “try to look at your clientèle’s best interests, and try to develop a good rapport with your suppliers and subtrades,” Fairweather says.

It is the people behind K2 Contracting Ltd. that really make it happen. Fairweather tries to keep his employees happy. He gets guys coming in who want a day off and he makes sure he helps them out so they keep wanting to come in on a daily basis.

“We’re in a modern age here where your employees do more of the driving of the boat than an employer would like,” says Fairweather. “There is a lot of give and take.”

To beat the competition coming from bigger cities, Fairweather employs a plan, “we may take the heat of the financial burden to employ a few more people that is deemed necessary, it gives you the ability to grow instead of to staying stagnate in one place. The same for tools and equipment. We’ll just leverage something so that we have it when we need it.”

K2 Contracting Ltd. just landed a $3.5 million contract at the base of Red Mountain. They are building phase one of a complex of 10 townhomes.

K2 Contracting Ltd. works with what their clients needs, “the more information you can give your clients, the more educated people are going to be to your questions. It’s important to view what they’re doing through their eyes, not necessarily through yours.”

Fairweather also says that safety is an important part of the job.

“It’s important that everyone enjoy themselves. Not to a state where you are going to be unsafe or harmful to themselves. Everyone having a good time, having knowledgeable staff definitely helps. Honesty and being able to live up to what your demands and what demands you said you could meet.

“Customer service, we’re in a small town. You could rip people off, take months to do things, that would take work. Unethical. We’re at a day and age as well, where someone would want to do a little bathroom reno a homeowner could do that. We’re in a day and age where a homeowner should not try to build a house without a contractor with them.”

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