Sico Introduces New Top-Performing Exterior Paint, Designed to Boost Home’s Curb Appeal, Protect its Exterior

by Gail Bergman or Indira Tarachandra

Longueuil, Québec – March 30, 2009 – With Canada’s harsh winters taking a toll on homes across the country, leading paint brand Sico has launched a high-quality, top-performing exterior paint designed to beautify the outside of the home and protect it from the elements.

Available in both a flat and semi-gloss finish, the 100-per-cent acrylic latex exterior paint was created to stand the test of time in spite of Canada’s fluctuating climate and the mark it leaves behind, said Stéphanie Pelland, Marketing Communication Manager for the Sico retail brand. Developed using a state-of-the-art multi-sphere advanced technology, the paint provides exceptional adherence and durability. Its high viscosity forms a protective coating that prevents water infiltration, resists mildew and UV rays, and fills in small surface defects so they virtually disappear.

“Most people work on beautifying the interior of their homes before touching the outside, yet the exterior of a property is the first thing people see,” said Pelland. “First impressions have a lasting effect, so the quality and colour of paint used on a home’s exterior make a major difference – they’re what give a home ‘wow’ attraction and make it inviting to enter.”

Offered in all of Sico’s 1,696 colours, “Sico’s new exceptionally-performing exterior paint maximizes the curb appeal of a home and, through Sico’s glamorous colour combinations, gives it enhanced charm and personality,” Pelland explained.

Examples of Sico’s suggested colour choices – as featured in its new exterior paint brochure which highlights 16 different colour schemes – include such eye-catching, trendy combinations as:

· Grey tones mixed with brown and almost-black, like Sico’s Cotton Flower (6186-31) grey-beige as the main colour, accented with Maple Extract (6119-83) reddish-brown and Black Ice (6207-83) industrial grey.

· A fusion of warm khakis and dark grey, such as Sico’s Designer Grey (6198-63) khaki as the main hue, with Neutral Grey (6198-42) green-grey and Indian Ink (6206-83) charcoal as accents.

· Sandy tones combined with light neutrals and teal blue or red, like Sico’s Oyster Mushroom (6185-52) sand on the main surface, accented with Dried Mushrooms (6185-21) grey-beige and Montmartre (6155-83) teal or Candy Apple (6051-75) red.

· Pale yellow merged with winter white and slate grey, such as Sico’s Almond Biscotti (6115-42) creamy yellow as the main colour, with White Beluga Whale (6209-11) blue-white and Kennetcook Slate (6157-63) grey-blue as accents.

“No matter what the style of a home, from country to contemporary, even minor enhancements to the exterior can make a major difference in upgrading both the look and perceived value of a property,” Pelland said. Simply changing the colour of the front door, shutters or window frames can instantly transform a home from dull to dynamic – whether the exterior is made of aluminum, wood, stucco or brick, she explained.

Using a mix of different paint sheens also boosts the beauty and uniqueness of a property, Pelland added. For best results, Sico suggests using a flat finish for vinyl or aluminum siding, concrete and stucco, and a semi-gloss finish for window frames, shutters and trim.

Available in stores as of mid-April, Sico’s new exterior paint retails for $44.99 per gallon in flat finish and $47.99 per gallon in semi-gloss finish. It can be applied in temperatures from as low as 1° C and as high as 32° C, and requires only one coat for maintenance jobs and two coats if repainting with a different colour.

“Whether painting the entire exterior of a home or making minor enhancements, the quality of the paint chosen to do the job is key,” Pelland said, recommending that consumers go with the highest-quality exterior paint they can afford. “High-quality paint may cost more upfront, but homeowners will benefit from major savings in the long-term as the paint job will last significantly longer,” she explained.

For more information about Sico’s new exterior paint or to find a local retailer, please visit the dealer locator at or call 1-800-463-SICO.

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