Adjusting to a new place

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Your months, or even years of searching for your dream home is over and now what? You have to adjust to this new place and make it your home.

Monique Le Ray of Le Ray Design and also a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario has some tips on how best you can get comfortable in your new surroundings.

“Somebody who just moves into a new place there is the excitement of a new place and changing homes is a big step,” says Le Ray. “There is a lot of emotional stuff that goes into getting a new place. They go with their instincts and there is a lot of emotion. You hope that you are going up in your life not down. For me when you go into a new place…a lot of my designs are more emotion than rational.”

Le Ray says that the rational mind has to come into play when you settle into your new home and the emotion of the new buy has settled.

“Move into your new place like you were a renter, not like you were the owner,” Le Ray says. “If you own the place, you want to do everything at once. If you want a new kitchen, or a new garden, if you look at your place and you want a little bit of this and a little bit of that…chances are you will be more rational.”

With the renters mind you would move the furniture that you already have says Le Ray. After six months of living in a new space, you would take your time and rebuild.

“Renting a place, you do not go right away to get a contractor working on the basement. No, you do not want your office in the basement, you want it on the third floor. You want the space to work for you and the space is your own and your moving and you do not have to show all your friends how beautiful your space is right way.”

Le Ray says prioritizing is key.

“You do that powder room and nothing else,” suggests Le Ray. “I had friends of mine that had friends come in and they posted things on the wall and when they would come for coffee they would put writings on the walls so people would write with magic marker their comments about the space in the room. They would go for a coffee and get the opinions of their friends. After a while this is something that has grown up and it is fun to have parties to redo the kitchen. A tacky basement – you can have a tacky party.”

The money goes so far that it is never to the liking of many homeowners for the money they plunge into adjusting to a new place right away, says Le Ray.

“I wish I can extend the family room and extend this and that. If you do things immediately, chances are you are not doing the best you can. The old family room in the old place, you can think of what you liked before and bring it into your new home. You find that emotionally. You get what you like about the past and what you want to bring inside. You find out what you like about the new home or new neighbourhood. You can look at the garden. If you know that your kitchen is going to be 50-grand plus, you want to have the right feel, the right back splash, you should take your time to make it happen.

“If you are going to bring up your children in that house…you want to take your time and remember why you bought that house. That is the feature you bought the house for and you should take your time and the rest of your house will grow to accommodate that.”

Le Ray recommends that when you first move into your new home, you should wait about six months before making major changes. This will give enough time to get used to the environment and the unique qualities of your home.

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