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Most people know in this city getting and keeping a job depends on who you know. It depends on employers who trust you, respect you and believe in you.

A headhunter I went to last year told me that about 10 per cent of jobs are found from the newspaper, 20 per cent from the Internet and headhunters and the rest through people you know.

Well, there is a lot of garbage and recycling among that 20 per cent. Sometimes I’ll look on and and see that the same places are always looking for people. Perhaps they have a high turn-over – that’s major recycling.

On garbage days I can always count on I’m not the only one who thinks this way because one man posted on Craigslist: “Is it just me, or have the postings on Craigslist become PATHETIC!!!!!…. “girls with big booty’s wanted” “Guys and girls who are ticklish” ‘large woman’ No one offers PAY???!! NO ONE???!!!….what kind of postings are these!?”

This guy is right. I usually check the job postings under education, “tv/film/video,” “writing” and “talent.” A lot of jobs do not pay.

Nina Dhawan, 23, and a student at York University saw a posting on Craigslist for a tour guide under education. It promised to have good pay and flexible hours and that is what she desires. She responded.

When asked her to describe herself she did. Her response was posted to the Internet under her name instantly. She was the first tour guide from Canada who also lives in Toronto. There are others from the US and the UK. She didn’t even know they would post her reply to the job advertisement.

When I contacted they said they were a “platform between tourists and local tour guide/activities instructors.” Application is online, they don’t require membership fees and each tour guide manages their own services and rates.

I hope Dhawan does make money but marketing is the key. If no one knows about the site to find tour guides she will not make money. It will become another “McJob.” I have a student working as a manager at McDonald’s. At least he knows where his paychecks are coming from. Not only can he give service with a smile but smile on paydays. For Dhawan it may become e-volunteering.

Sometimes the old-fashioned approach to job hunting on the Internet can be the best way. The field of education and journalism where I work I have a chance to meet and speak to great people. Often I have to wait a long time to get work. Things take time to publish. Things take time to go on-air. People are busy and take time responding. It’s not easy come, easy go. Compared to a site like where freelancers have to pay to get jobs – I’d rather keeping working at the right job or gig to come along. Plus do a lot of wishing, hoping, praying and saving in between.
The new technology can bring fast results in job searching. Some employers have the right idea with it. They take their time and carefully review the applications to make sure they are hiring someone who will work hard or do the job well. Or, the applicant is referred by someone the employer trusts.
That guy complaining about’s jobs was right about a lot of Internet jobs. Hopefully for Dhawan it won’t be easy come and easy go with It all comes down to networking. Get out there in this big city and meet people – sometimes online is good for that too.

Donna Kakonge is a freelance educator, journalist and author in Toronto. You can find more of her writing at She is not offering any jobs on that site.


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