Liven up Kitchen, Bathrooms with a Splash of Colour

By Gail Bergman and Indira Tarachandra

Sico introduces high-end, trendy kitchen and bathroom paint

Longueuil, Québec – March 30, 2009 – The economic outlook may be gloomy, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be.  In fact, studies show that surrounding yourself with brighter colours serves to lift spirits, and what better place to start introducing colour to your home than on the walls of the most widely-used rooms – the kitchen and bathroom.

“Paint is the most economical form of home improvement and can do wonders in transforming the look and feel of a room,” said Stéphanie Pelland, Marketing Communication Manager for Sico Paints, Canada’s leading paint brand. “Still, when painting an often-used area like the kitchen or bathroom, the key to a successful paint job is to choose a high-quality paint that is durable and easy to clean, so that the paint will last for years and actually save you money in the long run.”

In response to consumer demand for a high-performing paint for these two busy rooms, Sico has launched a high-end Kitchen and Bathroom Paint with a unique low gloss sheen, called smooth finish, that gives the rooms a “trendy, beautiful look,” said Pelland. The paint is mildew and stain resistant, ultra-washable and scrubbable – ideal for high-traffic spaces that are prone to steam and moisture build up.

Created for walls, trim and even ceilings, other benefits of the new Kitchen and Bathroom Paint include excellent adhesiveness and hide qualities, Pelland explained. Available in all of Sico’s almost 1,700 colours, the 100-per cent acrylic paint is easy to apply and non-spattering, requiring no primer coat on clean, previously-painted latex or oil (alkyd) surfaces that are in good condition.

“Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most popular rooms being renovated by Canadians and Sico recognizes that the choice of paint can make or break the results of a job,” Pelland said, emphasizing that this applies to both quality of paint and colour selection.

When it comes to colour, Pelland said that even if a home is painted in neutral shades, kitchens and bathrooms are ideal areas to try bolder tones since both rooms have minimal wall space and a splash of colour serves to liven up, rather than overpower, the room.

“Kitchens have become a central gathering place for families, often opening up to other rooms in a home, so it’s a perfect place to introduce vibrant colours that create a cheerful ambiance and reflect the room’s high energy,” she said.  “As well, because stainless steel reflects a lot of light, kitchens with metallic surfaces look great with more intense colours, and similarly, kitchens with dark cabinets will be brightened up with bolder walls.”

To add some punch, good colour choices for kitchens include shades of lemony yellow, coral, nature-infused green or electric blue. Popular for 2009 are Sico’s Pomelo (6101-54) yellow, Etruscan Villa (6059-63) coral, Green Leaf (6140-73) green and Electricity (6006-63) blue. Punch colours work well on an accent wall, backsplash or pantry. For a more subtle look that creates a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in which to dine, try a shade of grey, such as Sico’s Sketch Paper (6206-21).

Bathrooms – increasingly regarded as areas of refuge and comfort – can be enriched with classic hues of sea blue, such as Sico’s Bottled Water (6156-21) or jade green, like Poetic Green (6165-31). Even neutral bathroom palettes can be brought to life with touches of colour, Pelland explained, recommending combining pastels or neutrals with brighter or deeper tones like Deep in Time (6174-73) purple, Peacock Tail (6160-63) turquoise or Moonless Night (6009-83) dark blue.

“With the current trend of re-creating the look and feel of luxurious professional kitchens and spa-like hotel bathrooms in the home, applying these colours in a high-quality paint not only increases the longevity of a paint job but also enhances the upscale ambiance of the room,” Pelland said, adding that mildew-resistant paint is a must in bathroom retreats as well, since new spa-type baths create more steam than traditional baths and showers.

Sico’s Kitchen and Bathroom Paint retails for $38.99 per gallon. For more information or to find a local Sico retailer, please visit the dealer locator at or call 1-800-463-SICO.


Author: kakonged

I am an author, journalist, teacher, and lawyer who lives in Toronto, Canada.

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