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Taking the stress out of your move

Making the move to your dream home or condominium can be a stressful one. Toronto City Movers is an independent company that has seven years of experience specializing on both local and long distance relocations. As well as providing safe and secure storage facilities. Dmitry Amialkovich who owns and manages Toronto City Movers has some tips on how to make your move less stressful.

Choose your moving company carefully. Decisions based on price alone will likely place your goods and belongings in the hands of clumsy and careless mover
“Your chances for a damage-free move are much greater when the movers do the packing,” says Amialkovich. “They’re experienced and they use only the best moving boxes and packing supplies. However, you can save a lot of money if you do the bulk of the packing, though you should limit yourself only to highly replaceable and non-fragile items such as books, linens, clothing, inexpensive plates, dishes, and small kitchen appliances. Keep in mind that the movers are not liable for the items they didn’t pack, however, these items will be cheaper to replace in case of damage as opposed to hiring workers and purchasing their supplies. Let the movers pack your furniture, mattresses, and heavy appliances.”

Amialkovich also suggests that you should purchase the proper moving boxes. Wardrobe boxes save you valuable ironing time later on. Although you can pack T-shirts and jeans in suitcases and regular boxes, you do not want to pack your fine clothing such as suits or dresses in the same place. Mattress cartons protect your mattresses from filth, grease, and rips and tears during the transit. Padded dish boxes with dividers help protect your fine china.

For your replaceable and non-fragile items, you can save money by obtaining free boxes from the supermarket and wrapping the items in old newspaper.

“Take the time to pack your items carefully, especially if you are packing your fragile items on your own,” says Amialkovich. “It is recommended that you purchase the professional packing supplies for these items. However if you use regular boxes, it is important that you buffer and separate the fragile items with plenty of old newspaper, bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, pillows, or towels. Fill in empty spaces to minimize movement during transit. Wrap each item separately. Pack plates and glass objects vertically, rather than flat and stacked. Fully secure the bottoms to prevent fallout.”

The heavier the items, the smaller the box it should occupy. Do not toss everything into one huge box. It will make the hauling much more difficult. Keep the weight of each box under 50 pounds. Remember to lift with your knees, not your back.

You should never let the movers pack your jewelry, family heirlooms, hobby collections, or other priceless items. Should they be lost or damaged, the insurable value will not come anywhere close to the value you would place on them. Pack these items personally and take them with you, either in the car or as carry-on luggage if the size allows.

“Do not pack hazardous materials,” says Amialkovich. “These items include: paint, thinners, solvents, oils, varnishes, firearms and ammunition, bottled gas, propane, lamp oil, anything flammable, explosive, or corrosive, motor fuels and oils, nail polish remover, bleach and aerosol cans. Also note that spilled sesame oil leaves a terrible stench.”

Facilitate and organize the loading process by designating a room in your home, preferably the one closest to the door, in which to place all of your boxes. This will also help keep the area to and around your large pieces of furniture open. Group related boxes since they will end up in the same room.


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  1. Toronto city movers are absolutely terrible. I felt extremely uncomfortable with my movers as they called me inappropriate names. Such as sweet cheeks and baby. They tried to charge me more money for various bigger items such as my tv and mattress! They moved like snails. The owner Alex called me a child and would not listen to me when I wanted my complaint dealt with. I’m still waitin for my receipt too. Would never recommend them. In fact I’m going to do what I can so no one has to go through what I did with them.

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