Your hi-tech home (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

In Home Decor, Technology, Writing (all kinds) on April 27, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Kevin Haber who drives to many dream homes to fix people’s computers sees technology creating a whole new communication universe for a homeowner.

“In the future, people will access their communication device remotely and they can adjust the temperature in their home, run a bath, change the lights, have pre-set schedules for everything to take place so when they get home – everything is going to be ready for them,” says Haber. “There will be pre-set schedules as to their liking. And everything is going to converge. Now you have touch-screens where you don’t need to type or click anymore.”

Tony Wright is a writer who formerly worked with Time-Warner in New York City. He agrees with Haber.

“At my age, it’s amazing the advances that have been made,” says Wright. “I know people who have basically movie theatres in their home. There’s TiVO and Rogers Direct. There are so many different things for cleaning, like self-cleaning vacuum cleaners. You can clap your hands and turn on the lights or the TV.”

Wright says the way things are now are similar to the kinds of things many of us grew up watching on the “Jetsons” or “Star Trek.”

“The newer houses, they’re even more technologically-advanced,” says Wright. “The condo market up here that is a real selling point for real estate agents. The young people want the gadgets. A friend of mine got an iAquarium. They come in different sizes and you program the setting of the aquarium so you can have a Caribbean, African, Mediterranean or certain islands motif – any kind of aquatic life that you desire you plug it in and there you go. It’s like having an aquarium without the work.”

Kevin Haber does technical support for 24/7 Tech. They service the need for emergency computer response for residential homes and commercial businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have been in business for nine years.

“A very successful insurance broker came to us with his hard drive that he had accidentally formatted and it was his entire financial history and accounts,” says Haber. “His whole financial life was in that hard drive. We kept working on the data recovery. He came to us I think by word of mouth or from the yellow pages, I cannot remember. It was kind of referral or advertising that he saw. We were the only ones that were open. We responded right away and we recovered all the information back. We got most of it, we got the exact data he needed back – he was thrilled. There are tons of stories like that. We did another data recovery after that for his daughter for a laptop that crashed, actually two of them where we recovered the data. He lives in an upper class home.”

Haber notices that a lot of homes are implementing wireless networks. When wireless networks first came out, the security was less. Over time the companies that supply these wireless routers have implemented stronger security.

“It’s all converging, it’s all trying to converge to having Internet on the television having long distance on Internet,” says Haber. “People are buying these home phones, using services like Skype and Vonage and SIP phones – those are special phones that you use with your computer, they can be USB or cordless and people are saving a tremendous amount of money by using these phones with a headset and an earpiece and microphone and using that to talk all over the world for a fraction of a penny. You can buy these things for $20 to $30 for unlimited calling all over the world.”

Haber also says Fido came out with an unlimited plan, if I have my Fido plan people are getting rid of their home lines.

“A lot of people have eliminated a land line and they’re using their cellphones, or blackberries and IPhones to communicate and able to text message people in real time. Everybody from high school kids and up have cellphones or PDAs or instant messaging. They’re actually using them to communicate with their parents, cheat on tests. Now there is an instant messaging language. All converged into these mini-computers.”

Everything is becoming inter-connected in almost a real-time fashion. All this technology is converging into an all-in-one appliance.

Music, video, pictures, cameras are being built into phones now and those cameras can also take movies as well. A lot of them can be sent via wi-fi or blue tooth. Then there also GPS navigation system to get to and from home in a more efficient manner.

“Robots that clean the floors, cut the grass are really becoming more prevalent,” says Haber. “It will be a clean home and it’s all part and parcel of automating the home now and it’s just going to get more and more.”

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